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Two of our favourite beauty brands from the 2022 USA Global Makeup Awards

Hi everyone,

I’m just back from my trip to the UK and already suffering in the Italian heat! The good news is that last night I bought some mosquito screens for my windows so I can sleep with some fresh air and not wake up covered in bites! The weather was very pleasant in the UK and I slept really well! I’ve just heard that they are having another heat wave but I couldn’t have been happier with how the trip went! I had a great time in London. Not only was it wonderful to see my family and my GMA friends but I managed to sneak in a couple of concerts too and even a musical in the West End!

Anyway! Today I would like to tell you a little more about some of my favourite winners from the 2022 USA Global Makeup Awards.

First of all we have Juice Beauty​ who went home with the Gold Award for Best Primer

With their Illuminating Primer. Let’s take a deeper look into Juice Beauty’s beginnings and goals!

Juice Beauty was founded by serial entrepreneur Karen Behnke who, after falling pregnant and taking extra care about the ingredients in the wellness and skincare products she was buying, wanted to make sure she used only organic products that couldn’t potentially damage her or her baby. She has been passionate about environmentalism since she was a teenager in Michigan and her lifelong passion for wellness stems from this period when she battled a rare blood disorder.

With Juice Beauty, Karen wanted to create the kind of product which she had been desperately searching for herself! Her goal was to create luxurious and organic products which worked better than their conventional counterparts which were almost always filled with chemicals. In 2005 she started the company and spent 5 years working with top scientists to solve complex formulation challenges. Her products have been thoroughly tested and she can take great pride in achieving and surpassing the high standards she set for Juice Beauty!

Another of my favourite winners from the USA Global Makeup Awards is NeoNaturelle who won Best Serum for their C-Major Vitamin C Serum 23%.

Neonaturelle are committed to honouring their principles and lay them out clearly. The first is that they care a great deal about their customers and also the world which we share. They have made the decision to only use recyclable packaging, to avoid plastic and encourage customers to reuse the glass jars that their serum comes in. They are also dedicated to continuous innovation and treat each new formula with care and respect while ensuring that they are safe and effective. Neonaturelle are based in Richmond, British Columbia and have a wonderful blog which goes into great depth regarding information on organic ingredients and advice for vegans who are concerned about ethical options and ingredients to avoid!

Thanks again for joining me while I took a look at the background behind these worthy winners. I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about them as much as I have!

I’ll be back soon!

Ciao for now!


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