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The 2024 Universal Beauty Awards have been announced!

The 2024 Universal Beauty Awards has announced its winners for 2024.  With over 700 entries we could never have predicted such a huge response from beauty leaders across all sectors.  Head over to the winners page to read our full list of winners in the free magazine or peruse the winners chart to instantly know the best of the best for each category.  Click the button below to find out the winners.


More information on the Universal Beauty Awards

The Universal beauty awards was created in response to our Global Makeup Awards as not all brands identified as being solely makeup - they wanted something more inclusive.  The Universal Beauty Awards is for every beauty brand, from fragrance to hair care. From body care to devices and of course skin care.  We saw brands from every corner of the globe - India, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Hungary, Sweden, Italy and of course the UK.




January 8th 2024 - Awards open for entries
March 1st 2024 - Awards entries close
April 8th 2024 - Winners Announced
Samples needed by two weeks after entries close.

To add yourself to our newsletter to find out about the dates please pre-register here. 


Why not peruse our list over 100 categories.  There is something for every beauty brand - cosmetics, skincare, body care, gadgets, mens beauty, hair care and more

Past Winners:

This awards launches for the first time in 2024 - but you can see our previous winners list for our other awards here:



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