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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I enter?

Enter via clicking 'enter awards' at the top of the page.  Add a category to your cart and write the name of the product you are entering.  You will need to send 6 product samples for every product entered.  To enter more than one product add different categories yo your cart.

How many awards are there?

3.  The Global Makeup Awards.  

The Universal Beauty Awards.

 The Global Green Beauty Awards.

Is the Global Makeup Awards still regional?

No, it isn't.  This awards has grown so big, that we now have one Global Makeup Awards, which will run once a year.  It has the brand categories for different regions, countries though.  The Global Makeup Awards now just runs makeup categories, and the other categories like hair, wellbeing, body have moved to the Universal Beauty Awards which runs at the same time as the Global Makeup Awards.

What is the Universal Beauty Awards?

You spoke to us and we listened.  Many of you didn't associate your brand with 'makeup' and have asked for a more general name.  We now have the Universal Beauty Awards which will open in January 2024.  It will run at the same time as the Global Makeup Awards.  It is for all regions with no limitations.  It is also for all beauty brands an not restricted to beauty.

Are the Global Green Beauty Awards open to all countries?

Yes, the Global Green Beauty Awards are open to all countries in one annual event.

Do you hold galas?

No (not currently due to the international nature of the awards).

Are there any additional fees apart from the entry fee?

 No - but you can choose to additionally pay for an advert in the online magazine or pay for a perspex trophy to promote your win.

Price of entry?

It costs £115 +VAT to enter one product for one category.
Or,  £666 +VAT to enter 6-10 products for unlimited relevant categories.

How do I pay?

You can pay online with a debit, credit card or apple pay when you have added the products to your basket via 'Enter Awards' at the top of the webpage.

If you need to pay by Bank Transfer and invoice, please just email  If you are an American company you can pay by wire to our American bank account, please just ask for the details

Can I send product miniatures for my samples?

Yes - of course!

How many product samples do I need to submit?

We need 2 product samples for every product entered.  Product miniatures are accepted. If you are entering the same product in two different categories, we only require 2 x samples.

(Please note we used to take 6 samples but now we request just 2.)

Do you have an EU Address?

Yes, we have an EU address which may help some EU brands, who have had difficulties sending to the UK since Brexit.


The dates for every region are at the top of the web page under 'Awards Dates.'  You can find award opening dates, closing dates, deadline for samples being sent and when they will be announced

Where are the awards announced?

Awards are announced online via the ' winners' tab at the top of the webpage.  They are also promoted in our free online magazine.
​Brands who have won will be emailed to inform them of their win.  If you have not won you will not be emailed.

How do I receive my winners badge and certificate?

Winners will be sent the online winners badge soon after the awards have been announced by email.  To receive a certificate copy please email requesting one with your address.  It will be posted for free  approx 3 weeks after the awards are announced.

Usage rights for winners badge

There are no fees to use your winners badge.  Furthermore, you can use your winners badge online, TV, in print and on products and their packaging in perpetuity.

How do I receive a perspex trophy?

A perspex trophy needs to be paid for separately at the cost of £150 +VAT for one trophy displaying one win.  Therefore, if you won two awards these would need to be printed on two separate trophies at a cost of £150 +VAT  per trophy.  Once you have been informed of your win you will be asked if you would like to purchase one, but please note there is a deadline for ordering it.

How are winners chosen?

Products are judged by a panel of 6 judges from the beauty industry.  To keep the awards fair we do not disclose their identity.  Products are judged on their product efficacy.

How do I enter Editor's Choice Award?

This is a free entry for any brand who enters.  It is the overall favourite products of the editor.

Does my brand need official organic or vegan certification?

We know that this can be expensive for small brands, so we do not ask for you to have vegan / organic certification.  However, we do ask you to genuinely believe the product is vegan / organic if choosing a vegan / organic category.

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