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Welcome to the 2023 Global Green Beauty Awards winners announcement!

Welcome to the 2023 Global Green Beauty Awards Winners Announcement!

This is our fourth 'green' awards and it has been truly quite astonishing.  We had an incredible 650+ product entries of a variety of green, clean and eco beauty products.  The awards celebrates the beauty industry's move towards making their products, packaging and sourcing more kind to the planet and indeed to our skin. We've seen a huge shift in brands looking at their packaging and what they house the products in.  Many have revisited their approach to plastic - some are looking at plastic neutral, others at recycled plastic, bio plastic, plastic that can be recycled after use, and others looking at refills for their containers.

Brands have also taken a keen interest into the sustainability of their ingredients - asking questions such as 'How is it farmed' 'Where is it farmed?' 'Are we replanting?' 'What is our carbon footprint?''. 

The ingredients themselves are crucial - brands are ever more turning to natural or organic and moving away from harmful toxins and preservatives.  There has also been a big push towards being vegan and cruelty free across the board.  Some brands incorporate all of these green ethoses together and others are taking those first steps to reduce their impact on the environment or become more natural.

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