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Global Makeup Awards Categories


Makeup Categories

Eyes & Eyebrows

Best Mascara
Best Eye pencil
Best Eye shadow
Best Palette
Best lash serum
Best brow serum
Best brow product


Best lip balm
Best lip scrub
Best lipstick
Best lip gloss
Best lip liner



Best skincare product
​Best makeup remover
Best primer
Best bronzer
Best highlighter
Best foundation
​Best compact powder
Best BB cream
​Best concealer
Best setting product

Liquid Shampoo

Hair & Body Care Categories

Best Face Mask
Best makeup brush
Best brush kit
Best tool
​Best fake tan for face
Best fake tan for body
Best fragrance
Best hair removal product
Best hair product

Pipetting Skincare Product


Best cleanser
Best toner
Best moisturizer
Best night cream
Best eye cream
Best  serum
Best  face mask
Best anti-aging product

Beauty Model


Best highstreet makeup brand
Best luxury makeup brand
Best design & packaging
Best innovative beauty product
​Best UK beauty brand
Best Irish Beauty Brand
Best Scandinavian Beauty Brand
Best Asian Beauty Brand
Best USA Beauty Brand
Best South African Beauty Brand

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