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Eco-friendly, Green and Ethical
beauty awards

The 2024 Global Green Beauty Awards is to celebrate its fifth year.  It is specifically for the best of green and clean beauty brands.
With over 650 entries for 2023, it has become our biggest beauty awards of the year.

​Key Dates 

2024 Global Green Beauty Awards 


April 8th 2024 - Awards open for entries

June 10th 2024 - Awards entries close

July 30th 2024 - Winners Announced

Two product samples are needed.

Samples needed by two weeks after entries close.

To add yourself to our newsletter to find out about the dates please pre-register here

Citrus Fruits
Blue Nails on Green

A focus on Green & Clean beauty products


Categories for beauty brands / products which are ethical, natural, organic, vegan, zero waste, promote wellbeing or are cruelty free (not all at once)


There are no launch date restrictions


A wider scope for all beauty products

We've seen a shift in what consumers are looking for, and people are ever more conscious of not just what they are putting on their skin, but the ethics surrounding those products. 

How they are sourced, t
he ingredients, if they are organic, is the packaging natural?

​The Global Green Beauty Awards keeps this in mind with the product categories and is for those brands that want to reflect their greener ethos. It is also more environmentally friendly to not rebrand or package so we have no launch date restrictions.

We want to show you the best in environmentally conscious and cleaner products with our Global Green Beauty Awards.

To see 2023's winners - go to our winners page here



Past Winners:

Discover past proud winners of the Global Makeup Awards & Global Green Beauty Awards below

Or see our previous winners list for the full list of past winners.



- Who decides the winners of the Global Makeup Awards?​
​The Global Green Beauty Awards is judged by a special panel

A team of makeup and beauty experts from the industry make up the judges panel - their identity remains a secret!  This group of experts is tasked with the difficult decision of deciding who the winners of The Global Green Beauty Awards are.

For this green awards - we look at both the product efficacy, as well as the brand's green and green credentials for the category they have entered.  

We do not ask for a brand to have official certification, as we know that can cost money for smaller brands, but we do ask for the brand to genuinely fit the category they are entering.

There are also no launch date restrictions for the Global Green Beauty Awards.
We ask for 6 product samples to be sent when entering for us to review.

 - What do winners receive?
All winners are mentioned in our online magazine with an image and text feature.  Winners are also listed on the website and receive a winner's badge they can use on their website or product packaging in perpetuity. Those who request it will also receive a stylish perspex winners trophy!

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