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Wild Siog - silver winner in 2023 Global Green Beauty Awards

Wild Siog - winner in the 2023 Global Green Beauty Awards

On 31st July the 2023 Global Green Beauty Awards were announced. There were a host of winners and today we will look into more details at the brand Wild Siog (which means Fairy). Sióg products are sustainable, cruelty free and made using only natural ingredients. They are free from parabens, artificial colours and preservatives. The honey and wax used in Sióg balms, creams and oxymels come from their apiary of native Irish Bees.

​Wild Siog Rosehip Face serum won a Silver Award for Best Sustainable Ingredients in the Green Beauty Awards 2023. In an era where environmental consciousness is at the forefront of consumer choices, Wildsiog has emerged as a beacon of sustainability and innovation in the beauty industry. With a strong commitment to using ethically sourced and eco-friendly ingredients, the brand's Rosehip Face Serum has captured the attention of industry experts and consumers alike.

Recognizing the brand's unwavering dedication to sustainability, the prestigious Global Green Beauty Awards bestowed Wildsiog with the silver award in the category of best sustainable ingredients. Sustainability: The Heart of Wildsiog's Success: From the very inception of Wildsiog, the founders had a clear vision: to create effective skincare products that leave a positive impact on both consumers and the environment. Utilizing rosehip oil as the star ingredient in their award-winning face serum, the brand has harnessed the power of nature to deliver outstanding results. Rosehip oil is not only known for its skin-nourishing properties but is also harvested in an eco-conscious manner, ensuring minimal impact on the ecosystem.

A huge congratulations to the brand and their unwavering efforts to be green and sustainable.

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