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Save the date... entries for the UK Global Makeup Awards open 6th January

UK 2023 Global Makeup Awards open 6th January

Hi everybody and Happy New Year to you all!

I’m back in Italy now but I had a really great Christmas in the UK and it was so good to see my family and also pop in and visit the rest of the Global Makeup Awards team. We ate, we laughed and we just enjoyed spending time together. It didn’t matter that the weather was foul or that we all seemed to pick up the flu, it was still a wonderful week!

Anyway, before Christmas we announced the Scandinavia Global Makeup Award Winners from the 2022 Scandinavia Global Makeup Awards and I gave a quick lowdown on a few of the brands who took gold.

Today, I’m going to do the same. I’ll save in-depth blogs for another day but right now we’ll just take a flying look at who won in some makeup categories and in a few cases check out some interesting stories behind their products.

First of all, the gold winner for Best Primer went to INIKA Organic for their marvellous Radiant Glow Veil. This brand was originally founded in Australia in 2006 and has gone on to huge global success, including major features in Vogue and Grazia. It comes as no surprise that they have been so warmly embraced in Scandinavia since they clearly share a lot of similar values regarding clean, toxin-free ingredients, sustainable business ethos and cruelty-free certifications. In fact, their current mission is to achieve pure plastic neutrality; hopefully this inventiveness and positive mindset will catch on!

Let’s look now at the gold winner for Best Foundation which was Lavinde Copenhagen and their NATURAL GLOW Liquid Foundation Cool Ivory 201 30 ml. This Danish brand was founded with the purpose of creating hypoallergenic skincare products and cosmetics free from parabens and perfumes. They especially enjoy creating products for pregnant women or breast-feeding mothers as well as anyone who wants to take good care of their body and avoid toxins.

Best Eye Product was a particularly competitive category but Purodoré Natural Skincare managed to take the gold with their Ceramide & Gold Firming Eye Cream. This independent, family-owned Finnish brand aims to create products which are both luxurious and sustainable. I’m quickly running out of space so I’ll just list a few other gold winners below!

Best Eyebrow Product

Alba Beauty Golden Bombshell Eyebrow Gel,

Best Eye Shadow

Alba Beauty mr mermaid Mineral EyeShadow,

Best Bronzer / Illuminator

Ecotan Coral Bronzer

Best Mascara

Alba Beauty Just Browsing False Lash Mascara,

Best Lip Balm

Marina Miracle One & Only Lip Balm

Best Lip Product

Eco by Sonya Driver Lipstick Miami Rose

In my next blog I will focus more on some of the haircare winners from the Scandinavia Global Makeup Award Winners. In the meantime, thanks for joining me for a little look at some of the makeup winners, I’m looking forward to going into a bit more depth over the coming months!

Until then, have a great day and a wonderful 2023!

Ciao for now


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