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Nu Skin, Vintage Beauty and Chitocare Beauty - a look into some winners from Scandinavia 2022 Global

Hi everyone!

We have a busy year planned here I have lots to write about and I really want to talk a little more about the 2022 Scandinavia Global Makeup Awards before we move on to our next adventure!

So, last week I wrote about some of the winners from the 2022 Scandinavia Global Makeup Awards which we announced before Christmas but just before I signed off I promised that today I would write a blog which focuses on the haircare gold winners.

Let’s begin by looking at the Gold Winner for Best Shampoo which was Nu Skin and their Smoothing Shampoo. The Smoothing Shampoo helps detangle and smooth frizzy hair for a sleek, flawless finish. Its carefully selected blend of mild plant-based surfactants gently removes buildup leaving your hair delightfully clean. They are also conscious with their packaging. All their shampoo and conditioner bottles are made with 100% post-consumer resin (PCR) and caps with recyclable materials. Nu Skin have a great track record at the Global Makeup Awards and I’ve written about them extensively in previous blogs so I won’t repeat myself here but it’s safe to say that they continue to hold their position as a major brand in the hair and beauty industry.

So, let’s move on to the Best Conditioner category! This year the gold went to Vintage Beauty for their Vital Dream Deep Care Conditioner with Karanja Oil. It is 100% vegan, not tested on animals, it is also GMO and paraben free. It has a pleasant and refreshing orange scent and leaves hair feeling cleansed and deliciously scented. I wrote briefly about the Vintage Beauty Brand when we first announced the winners last month as they have such an interesting and inspiring story as well as an excellent range of anti ageing products. Have you tried their Day and Night Firming Eye Contour set (a Golf Winner in the 2022 UK Global Makeup Awards) as it provides anti wrinkle effects in just minutes. I’m eager to write more about them but there just isn’t space today. If you happen to have time, I do recommend checking out their website where they proudly describe their journey!

So now let’s move on to the gold winner for Best Bath / Shower Product which went to ChitoCare for their Beauty Shower Gel. Formed in 1999 in Iceland, all Chitocare products are produced in Siglufjörður by Primex Iceland. They clearly have a strong ethos and are extremely innovative, often using raw materials that were previously considered waste while always following science and maintaining a strong respect for nature. Sigríður Vigfúsdóttir, founder of ChitoCare, was recently interviewed for the website where she proudly spoke about the Gold win at the Scandinavian Global Beauty Awards! She said "This is a great recognition for this newest product in our ChitoCare Beauty product line". She added "This is a bioactive shower soap loaded with natural ingredients that cleanse, refresh and rejuvenate the skin. It contains antioxidants and a combination of active ingredients from the sea and Icelandic geothermal water, which protect the skin. But the shower gel contains precisely the patented ChitoCare chitosan that we produce ourselves and geothermal silica from GeoSilica."

The Gold award for Best Hair Masque / Treatment went to Eleni and Chris for their Scandimin The Blonde Hair Mask, This scandinavian mother and daughter team was founded in 2015 and have gone on to become one of the most exciting brands in the industry! This is another story I’m keen to write about in more depth in the near future! There just isn't space to do them justice in today’s blog but they are deserved winners of their gold!

In fact, I’ve already gone over my word limit! I’ll love you and leave you now but don’t worry, I’ll be back again soon with another blog!

Ciao for now!


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