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Nature Tree, THETREE and L’oiseau Bleu - winners in the ASIA Global Makeup Awards

Hi everybody!

I hope you’re all good! After tidying my garden, I then realised I had a lot of washing to sort out before my trip to the UK. Neverending washing! The good thing about this heat is that it dries super quick though. This heat wave reminds me of the great times I’ve had visiting Asia, where I was unprepared for the humidity and the monsoons that seemed to come out of nowhere and disappear just as quickly!

In my last blog I promised that today I would write about some of my favourite winning brands from the 2022 ASIA Global Makeup Awards and I am a man of my word!

I’d like to begin with the Best ASIA Beauty Brand Gold Winner which was Nature Tree. Founded in 1981, this Taiwan brand has developed and manufactured raw liquids to supply professional skin care salons for over 40 years, and is known as an expert in the use of raw liquids. Natural, professional, and affordable these guys have a wide range of projects as well as posting engaging and useful social media content.

Now, let’s take a look at the Gold Winner for Best Toner which was awarded to new Taiwanese brand L’oiseau Bleu for their International Suprême Doux. This product is especially good for those of us with sensitive skin since it includes amino acids and plant extracts. The result is hydrated skin which doesn’t feel at all tight! Much like other European brands which I have written about, the inspiration for this company came due to its founders (who are sisters) frustration at not being able to find a product which was suitable for their own suitable skin. Demonstrating an understanding of the uniqueness every one of us has when it comes to skin products, the sisters offer a try before you buy option, so you can test the products for yourself and see how it works for you.

The third brand I’d like to tell you about is THETREE who took Gold for Best Hair Product with their super Purify Hair & Scalp Tonic Treatment.

This impressive brand develops professional salon-level hair products tailored for Asians, and aims to create a safe product without adding any toxic ingredients. Their objective is to help millions of women to have beautiful hair and to feel good about themselves. Although this is an asian brand they have strong connections to Europe, particularly Norway and endeavour to make sure that all their products meet the strict EU quality standards. Their social media pages demonstrate excellent customer communication and a steady flow of new products joining the range. Definitely well worth a closer look!

Oh my goodness, I'm out of space again. After writing a few blogs on winners from the UK Global Makeup Awards, it’s been a real treat to look further into some of the winners from the Asia Global Makeup Awards. At first glance, the brands seem so different, in terms of marketing material, but once you really get into it, it's quickly apparent that we all want the same things from our beauty products!

Thanks again for joining me,

Ciao for now


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