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Universal Beauty Awards


The Global Makeup Awards is an industry recognition program that celebrates excellence and innovation in the field of makeup and cosmetics. This awards program acknowledges outstanding products, brands, and professionals who have made significant contributions to the makeup industry. It typically encompasses various categories such as best makeup products, skincare, and beauty tools, and winners are often selected through a rigorous judging process, highlighting the best products and talent in the global beauty market.


Global Green Beauty Awards

Now coming up to its 5th year, the 2024 Global Green Beauty Awards celebrates the best of green and clean beauty brands. With over 650 entries for 2023, it has become our biggest beauty awards of the year.

There has been a shift in what consumers are looking for, and people are ever more conscious of not just what they are putting on their skin, but the ethics surrounding those products. The Global Green Beauty Awards keeps this in mind with the product categories and is for those brands that want to reflect their greener ethos.

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Universal Beauty Awards

For all beauty brands

Across all sectors

​For all countries

The 2024 Universal Beauty Awards opened for its inaugural year and exploded onto the beauty scene with over 700 entries. We saw game-changing beauty products from every sector - electronics, hair care, wellbeing, supplements, skincare, makeup, body care and more.


This awards was created in response to our past winners who didn't identify as 'makeup' and therefore is for every beauty brand, from fragrance, to hair care, to body care to devices and of course skin care.

There were no limits - the brand could have been launched with any launch date and from any country.

Global Makeup Awards

The 2024 Global Makeup Awards opens in September

Head over to our winners page to see the winners for 2023 and peruse our online magazine to find out more information on each winner.

The Global Makeup Awards 2024 will be back for all regions in September 2024.


Past Winners:

See our previous winners list for the full list of past winners


The Judging Process

All ​The Global Makeup Awards is judged by a special panel.


A team of makeup and beauty experts from the industry make up the judges panel.  It's a secret though who they are though!  This group of ladies are tasked with the hard decision to choose who the winners are of the The Global Makeup Awards. 

The main judging criteria is product effectiveness, so only those products which the judges see and feel results from will be able to win.

What do winners receive?
All winners are mentioned in our online magazine: Global Makeup Magazine.  Winners will receive a certificate and a winners badge as well as a link from our website. Those who request it will also receive a special winners trophy made from perspex which will look stylish on your desk.

This is the perfect opportunity to showcase your game-changing products as we are only looking for the newest and latest beauty products.

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