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Winners for the 2022 Scandinavia Global Makeup Awards

Hi everyone!

It’s been a really busy period for us but working on the 2022 Scandinavia Global Makeup Awards has been so much fun and we’re so excited to announce the winners! It's snowing in London today, and it feels so appropriate to announce our Nordic awards with the views outside looking reminiscent of Scandi fjords.

The full list of winners is published in our free Global Makeup Magazine (just click the photo above to open in full size)but today let’s take a quick look at some of the skincare gold winners!

I’ve written about Icelandic brand Taramar in a previous blog so I won’t repeat myself here but it’s great to see this fantastic (and relatively new) brand continue to go from strength to strength, winning Gold for Best Moisturizer with their Taramar Hydration Treatment.

Another winner is one of my favourites, the Estonian brand Nurme. Using natural products, they also use beautiful packaging and are deserved Gold winners in our Best Night Cream category for their NURME Collagen renewal Night cream 50ml.

Let’s now look at the Gold Winner for Best Cleanser - AiiA Cleanser. This fantastic Danish brand was founded by an inspirational lady named Trine. Her story is so interesting though, that I wouldn’t do justice to it if I tried to tell it now but I’d love to dedicate a whole blog to it in the near future!

Taramar - The Gold for Best Serum went to Taramar for their Arctic Flower Treatment. Taramar has a long history of success at the Global Makeup Awards and this year was no exception as they continue to bring their unique method to the beauty industry. They are another brand which I have covered in greater depth during previous blogs so I’ll just give a quick synopsis of them here. Proudly Icelandic, all of their products are designed around isolated natural compounds found in their local seaweed and kelp. Really unique and interesting stuff!

Let’s look now at Gold winner for Best (Face) Mask -which was Purodoré with their Natural Skincare Regenerating Sleep Mask. This family-owned, Finnish brand also proudly uses local ingredients in many of their products! Amazingly (and coincidentally) , that ingredient is gold, but not just any gold! Previously, I had no idea that the planet's purest gold was found in Finland! There’s one for your family Christmas quizzes!!! In fact, the name Purodore translates into English as Gold Stream, inspired by the beautiful, clear rivers found in Lapland.

Finally, for today’s blog, let’s look at who took Gold for Best Anti Ageing Product which was Vintage Beauty and their Volume Serum 40+. This family business comes to us from the suburbs of Rotterdam via Budapest. The Szakonyi family consists of two successful entrepreneurs and 4 naughty children and have a fascinating story behind their wonderful brand. I wouldn’t do it justice to try and squeeze it all in now, it's definitely deserving of its own blog in the near future! I can’t wait to do it!

So, there we have just a very quick snapshot of some of the wonderful winners at the 2022 Scandinavia Global Makeup Awards. Working on these awards has been really fun and rewarding! Thank you so much to all the participants for once again pushing the benchmark higher! We’re so happy to recognise your hard work!

I’ll be back soon but until then, ciao for now!


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