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Green Beauty Christmas Gifts

Green Christmas Gift Ideas

Hi everyone!

In the last blog we looked at ideas for shared family Christmas presents as well as experiences and days out as alternatives to gifts.

Today I’m thinking more about how we can give ‘Green’ gifts. You may already know from my previous blogs that I’m a big supporter of businesses that not only seek to make their products in an environmentally friendly way but go beyond that, carefully choosing suppliers with similar values and ensuring that their business practices in general align with the ethos that they are promoting. Similarly, it makes sense that if we are trying to live more greenly ourselves, this may extend into the gifts that we choose for others.

I sometimes think about how much progress Greta Thunberg had made, forcing world leaders to discuss the environment even though some of them clearly didn’t want to or at best paid lip service to caring about the health of the planet and its future. Yet, just as it felt like we were really turning a corner we were hit first by the Covid pandemic, then by the Ukraine conflict and now the living costs crisis. It sometimes feels like the governments once again pushed the Green Agenda to the bottom of the scrapheap so it's reassuring to work on the Green Global Makeup Awards and be able to see that despite current challenges, green companies continue to stick to their environmental principles.

If you are in need of inspiration for green gifts this Christmas, then look no further than the winners list from the 2022 Global Green Beauty Awards. This year there were over 400 entries, so you’re guaranteed to find something that will be cherished to whoever you give it to.

Here are the Top Editor's picks but check out our full winners list to find the winners in each specialist category!

Editor's choice are the Editor's favourites from the 2022 Global Green Beauty Awards

I know I’ll be thinking a lot more carefully about Green gifts / Eco friendly beauty gifts this year. The more I think about it, it really makes sense that we would use the festive time to take care of the planet rather than to ignore the problems it faces, or worse still contribute to already huge challenges such as all the plastic in the oceans. By reducing gifts with non-sustainable packaging we can make a real difference to the impact that the Christmas period has on the environment!

Well, those are today’s thoughts! Thanks again for joining me and I hope to see you again soon!

Ciao for now


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