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Christmas Gift Ideas for the whole family

Family Christmas Gift Ideas

Hi everyone!

I can’t believe it’s nearly December! Time to start thinking about what gifts to buy!

Speaking with Vienna earlier, she mentioned choosing a gift for the whole family. I think that’s a really beautiful idea as I feel it encompasses the spirit of the time to get a gift which can be shared and hopefully remembered, whether it’s a product or an experience! It’s also usually more cost effective too and I know we’re all having to be more careful with our spending.

As I look for inspiration through different ‘Best Family Gifts’ lists that have been published in the last couple of weeks, there are some nice ideas, like a home ice-cream parlour set but on closer inspection it seems like a fancy and overpriced (£81) way of adding chocolate and ‘hundreds and thousands’ to shop-bought ice cream. The same goes for the taco-making kit and the pizza making kit! I liked the ideas but I’m sure my money could be spent more wisely!

Now, something that has really caught my eye is the bluetooth karaoke microphone. Despite not being from a family of gifted singers, I can really imagine this being a fun way to spend the Christmas period together, especially in those days after Christmas where we’re all cooped up inside together after eating too much, watching too much TV and not getting enough daylight!

As for family activities, a trip to the theatre provides a memorable night that the whole family can enjoy. In London, there's some grips West End shows on such as Matilda, Lion King, Frozen, or for adults The Book of Mormon is always very funny! There is a lot on at the Royal Albert Hall - if you have kids then I can reccommend the Royal Albert Hall's Christmas Orchestral Adventure. If you are a bit older - then Home Alone in Concert sounds like a real Christmas cracker. I also enjoy visits to the zoo and although I haven’t been for years, there are more Christmas ice-skating rinks than ever!

Alternatively, perhaps your family would enjoy a spa-day together? It’s a great way to have a mini-holiday together and pamper yourselves, getting out of the house and drastically reducing the chance of any quarrels! I know that I get really excited about Christmas and I really enjoy the long build-up but then, after Boxing Day it’s suddenly all over and I can get a bit down. The short days don’t help but in recent years I’ve made sure to organise fun family days out during those days between Christmas and New Years and they’ve been much better!

However, if a spa day is not something that all your family would really enjoy, you could still treat them to some home pampering!

A good family face mask session might be a fun way to spend an evening! If you’re in need for inspiration then look no further than the Best Face Mask winners at the 2022 UK Global Makeup Awards:-

Best Face Mask Gold Winner

(the whole site also currently has a brilliant Black Friday deal of 20% off site wide with code BF2022 - perfect for such an exclusive brand as ARgENTUM apothecary!)

Best Face Mask Silver Winner

(Black Friday Beauty Hint - why not go for the TempleSpa Time to Glow Gift Set which is £60 which includes Just Revealing which alone has an RRP of £40. The gift set is also part of their promotion of 30% off if you buy another gift set!)

Best Face Mask Bronze Winner

So, there we have a few ideas for family presents and activities this Christmas! You might have your own suggestions! Please do share your ideas and stories in the comments! I’d love to hear them!

I’ll be back again very soon but until then, ciao for now!


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