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Best VEGAN Beauty Brands - NailKind

Wow...can we take a minute to admire NailKind's gorgeous shades.....we are in love with the bottom left nude - we think it is called Nutz

Hi again everybody! Today I got up extra early so I could get some work done in my garden! It’s just been far too hot to attempt any garden work at all recently but it was getting a bit out of control and I knew if I didn’t have a go at it before my trip to London that when I get back it would be so much worse!!! I have a little vegetable patch and although I can’t say that I have green fingers I am slowly learning and this year seems to be going well; I haven’t been over-ambitious like in previous years where I couldn’t bring myself to thin out my courgette plants and they just overran the whole garden! Listening to Radio 4 earlier, they were talking about the worrying inflation levels we’re currently experiencing and interviewed a London restaurant owner to ask about the effects it was having on her business. Interestingly, she mentioned how the trend for vegan food has enabled them to avoid putting up their prices too much to reflect the increases in the price of meat and so I thought it would be fun in today’s blog to look at one of our Best Vegan Beauty Brands from the UK Global Makeup Awards. NailKind took the Silver Award for best Vegan Beauty Brand, it’s really rare to see vegan nail products but NailKind are not afraid of a challenge and bring a vital option to customers who want to look after their nails but want to avoid animal-based ingredients or indeed harsh chemicals. The judges from our beauty awards were to impressed by their ethics as well as the quality of their nail polishes. The judges trialled the brand's newly launched range of natural polishes that are 85% natural origin, vegan, and animal- and planet friendly. NailKind is a Danish brand with strong values regarding natural, cruelty-free ingredients instead seeking out the best natural and vegan alternatives for its nail polish products. The company was founded in 2017 in Copenhagen by two friends with over 20 years of experience in beauty, cosmetics and design. As with many of the brands I’ve blogged about before, the founders became frustrated after searching fruitlessly for a product which met all their needs and so set about creating it themselves. In this case, the founders wanted a luxury nail polish with bright colours that would let them express themselves, while meeting their vegan, and natural requirements and still be affordable. Once they had decided to start the business, they went about choosing both classic and modern colours and then giving them names which matched their moods such as Pillow Talk, Mist You, Popsicle Party and Nutz (we LOVE this last nude shade). Originally the collection consisted of 12 colours but the team is working tirelessly to add more and more exciting hues to the range. Celebrities have already caught on to NailKind and thanks to word of mouth, the popularity of the brand is continuing to grow. This is definitely a brand to look out for and I’m sure we’ll be seeing much more from NailKind in the future. They have a really exciting vibe about them and are clearly passionate about what they do. I’ll finish here for now but I’ll be back very soon with a new blog where I’ll take a look at some of the Asia 2022 Global Makeup Award winners! Ciao for now! Dan

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